Tanner Ripley vs. Elite Eliot (Backyard Battle)

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Tanner Ripley is watering the garden at his place, when his "guest" Elite Eliot wanders in and wonders if he happens to have a room for rent.  When Tanner replies that he does, Eliot inquires how much and when Tanner tells him, Eliot immediately starts to "negotiate" the price lower.  Some dollar figures are thrown around, as are both combatants as things get a little playful, until finally Eliot says, "How about if I win, I stay here for free?"  Ripley agrees and the battle is on!  Either Eliot will be out on the street (or paying handsomely for a room), or Tanner just gave away a room for free.
The early part of the battle goes to Eliot as he uses the previously mentioned hose to strangle Tanner almost to unconsciousness.  He is not quite able to do so though and this begins a very extended period of back and forth where neither grappler is able to attain the final advantage that will put them over the top and give them the final victory.  The garden hose comes into play several times (and why wouldn't it?) as an equalizer for when one of the wrestlers seems to be near the end.  Ab claws and abdominal stretches are exchanged in this back and forth battle for the ages.
Both Ripley and Eliot are peak human specimens (and both fill out their speedos nicely), toned in every way and able to both dish out and absorb a fair amount of punishment.  Just when it seems one of the pair has the final fall, in a schoolboy pin over his opponent, a last minute attack sees one wrestling being thrown into the pool as the other one poses and exclaims, "This is my house, bitch!"  But which one is the winner, and who will have to eat their words and see the other either fork over (or be denied) hundreds of dollars for a room.  You'll have to watch to find out, and I guarantee you won't be disappointed.
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  22 minutes, 23 seconds

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