Tanner Ripley vs. Brendan Byers

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One of the newest additions to the W4H stable is in the ring stretching.  It is clear at first glance that Tanner Ripley knows his way around a gym.  He is toned, he is muscular and he is ready for a fight.  Into the ring struts a gentleman who needs no introduction to those who follow the underground wrestling scene - Brendan Byers.  Brendan has added more mass to already larger frame, in addition to a fair amount of ink on his leg.  Not impressed with the newbie Ripley, Byers makes that fatal mistake or underestimating his opponent, much to his regret.
Tanner, although new to actually wrestling in a ring, shows that he at least has seen a fair amount when he immediately delivers a low blow to Brendan, which sends him down to the mat.  Backing him up into the corner, Ripley shows his flexibility when he puts his boot onto Byers' throat.  A few more shoulders to Brendan's midsection, a clothesline off the ring ropes and Tanner is feeling good.  And why shouldn't he, he has one of the veterans of underground wrestling on the ropes.  Add in a few ball grabs and Tanner is showing prowess beyond his years.  Taking another page from the book of humiliation, Tanner strips Brendan of his trunks to reveal a teal thong.
Things take a change however, when it appears as though Tanner never got to the end of the underground wrestler playbook, especially the chapter where it says that if you are going to low blow a man bigger than you, you better put him down for good.  Tanner fails to do this and soon Brendan has turned the tables, hoisting Tanner up into a chokehold, draping over his knee for a backbreaker, bending him relentlessly in a camel clutch, throwing him over his shoulders for another backbreaker and trapping him in the ropes for more pain.  Delivering several ball grabs of his own, Tanner is then forced to submit to the same humiliation he ditched out, being stripped of gear not once, not twice, but three times.  A final pair or tombstones has Tanner down for the count and Brendan delivering a clear message - you may be ripped, you may be young, but you are not yet at my level, and don't you forget about it!
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  19 minutes, 4 seconds

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