Tanner Ripley vs. Blake Starr (Oil Bash)

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When two hard studs go at it in an oil match, it is naturally pleasing to see the pair rolling around, bodies glistening from the oil, slithering in and out of each others holds, as the oil slowly overtakes their every muscle and part of their body.  However, there is something that is also very hot watching the duo, in the warm up, oil their opponent up as they get a chance to run their hands over each other's body, admiring the biceps, the legs, the abs, and whatever else their hands can find.  As a bonus, when those two people are Tanner Ripley and Blake Starr, you almost don't need the ensuing match to have the time of your life.  You could just watch this pair do muscle worship the entire time!
Pre-match adoration complete, the pair get on their knees on the mat and jump at either and the match has begun.  It is not long before both decide to employ some old-fashioned ball grabs, which then morphs into an extended session where each has planted their foot into the balls of their opponent.  Only when both agree to release does this painful part end, and then a bearhug on Blake turns into a double wedgie, with Tanner finally falling on his chest and Blake on top.
As with these type of matches, the advantage swings many times, and soon Tanner is controlling Blake, making him flex for the camera!  Back and forth the pair go, trading supremacy and embarrassing their opponent as can only happen in an oil match.  Their thongs long ago soaked all the way through, they become little more than dental floss as each pulls and tugs giving their opponent a wedgie.  In the end, it is a prolonged full nelson that finally causes one to say, "I submit.  Your muscles are bigger than mine."   One of the two is able to walk off the mat under their own power, the other is left in a heap of flesh having been bested in a match that is sure to please you!
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  21 minutes, 51 seconds

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Sexy As Hell

Favorite line is definitely "drown you in dick sweat." More of these types of matches are necessary. So good!

Hot! Hot! HOT!

This may be the sexiest match Tanner or Blake have filmed in their careers. It's so sexy and intimate! I found myself literally sitting on the edge of my seat. More like this one, Cam! Many more like this!


Please feed these two boys.

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