Tank vs. Steve D (Hotel)

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Tank and Steve are in their hotel room comparing each others muscles.  It really is apples to oranges when you come right down to it since Tank holds a considerable height and weight advantage over Steve.  Steve is well proportioned and toned for his size, meanwhile Tank's muscles go with his enormous broad shoulders and arms.  In the end, there really is no comparison and Tank begins the process of showing Steve exactly what muscles the size of his can do to another individual.
Moving from a full nelson to a variety of other power moves, Tank really seems to delight in punishing his smaller opponent, both for the physical pain, but also for the amusement it seems to bring him.  He trash talks throughout the entire bout, making sure that Steve knows who is in control, and also that he can basically put him in any hold at any point, and Steve is without a defense to prevent it.  At one time lifting him literally like a sack of potatoes, the size difference is striking.
Like all good matches though, Tank knows that the most definitive way to show your superiority over your opponent is to leave them unconscious at the end of the bout.  Several sleepers are applied throughout, and Steve drifts in and out of slumber.  Several slaps and a wedgie to Steve's ass serve to punctuate the humiliation Tank has just inflicted on him.  In the end, the outcome of this bout was never really in doubt.  Steve may have shown in the past he can handle big men in the ring, but in this encounter, he is sorely out-powered.
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  23 minutes, 35 seconds

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Steve is awesome!

Loved this match and now love Steve D! He is very cute, well sculpted. Loved the way Tank totally dominated him. Much more of Steve please!!!

Robert A Ray

I like Stevie I hope he makes more vidoe

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