Tank vs. Mark Muscle

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There are few who can stand shoulder and shoulder and head to head against Mark Muscle.  One of the newest W4H recruits, Tank, is such an individual. 
A test of competing bearhugs leads the battle between the two behemoths, with neither individual giving in.  The experience lies with Mark, but Tank has learned a dirty trick or two in watching various matches - tactics that he puts to good use.
There is not a lot of trash talking between the two, just two determined big men, grinding and grunting their way to try and display their dominance over the other man.  Identical holds are applied in a effort to see which of the big men can manage to force the other to submit.  Low blows and power moves go back and forth between the mountain men, looking for that one slight advantage to finally put them over their opponent.
As the match nears it's conclusion, it begins to dawn on both of them that the only way to victory is to put the other man out, and so they both search for ways to do that and score the final victory! You'll have to see the amazing ending to believe it.  
TOTAL RUN-TIME: 22 minutes,  30 seconds

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