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Jason Aleqsander versus Jack Dillon

So far Jason Aleqsander has faced some of the best wrestlers in the W4H stable.  First it was Elite Eliot, and now here in the veteran Jack Dillon.  Much as in his other bouts, Jason's mouth gets far ahead of his actual skills and experience and he soon finds that he is on the receiving end of an extended beatdown at the hands of Dillon. 

After being blindsided by Dillon while the pair were doing pushups, Jason is then tossed around the ring, has Dillon wrenching up his head as he sits on his back, and plays with him with kicks and blows as Jason is slumped in the corners.  Jason has had a penchant for being able to absorb most blows and go on the offense in his bouts thusfar, and though he makes a valiant attempt, Dillon is just too strong and too ferocious for Jason to gain any real control of the match.  When Dillon lifts Jason up onto his shoulders for an extended backbreaker, the pain is too much for Jason and he says the all too humiliating "I submit." 

I think Jason might just be a little less egotistical in his future bouts!

Total running time:  20 minutes, 04 seconds

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