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Josh versus Brian (Part 2)

In the first part of this match, we saw Josh totally take it to Brian in move after move, with Josh walking off leaving Brian lying on the mat in his own sweat, a victim of Josh's sleeper hold.  

In this brief but action packed Part 2, Josh decides he hasn't quite finished and moves back to the mat to dish out even more punishment to the already once beaten Brian.  Leg scissors to Brian's head start by limiting the blood and oxygen to Brian's head, and that is followed by power move after power move with Brian as the playtoy to Josh's cat. 

In one final move, we see Josh's shin across the chest of Brian as Josh counts 1-2-3 and the match is finally over.  One last pose to the camera to take in the incredible sweat glistening body of Josh and he exits knowing he is the master of this domain.

Total running time:  4 minutes, 54 seconds

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