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Josh versus Brian (Part 1)

You would be hard pressed to find two more impressive human specimens than Josh and Brian.  We first see the two in some extended stretching sessions, which is fine....it gives us all the more time to marvel at their incredible bodies. 

When Brian is stretching, however, we find that Josh is truly hungry for the win as he sneaks up behind him and slaps on a hold.  Not expecting the onslaught while he was stretching, Brian falls helplessly to Josh's initial moves.  Josh moves from a headlock to a half Boston Crab.  Soon he has Brian upside down, punching his exposed midsection as he holds him so all the blood rushes to his head.  And every time Brian mounts even the slightest offense, it seems Josh comes back even more viciously with more headlocks, leglocks and other moves to stretch, bend and twist the helpless Brian.  Josh begs for Brian to stay down, but Brian is too committed to do that, much to his regret. 

In the end, a sleeper hold will tell the tale of who wins the first part of this match!

Total running time:  21 minutes, 21 seconds

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