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Amino versus Luigi

Luigi is a realist.  He wants to win.  He expects to win.  But, if he loses, he states, "It won't be the first time." 

Amino is not impressed, and he says so right to his opponent's face. 

So begins a match between two big, toned, muscular combatants on the mat.  Luigi is the first to take control, straddling a prone Amino, tying up his arms and wrapping his own arms around the head of his foe.  With a quick roll, Amino manages to break free and soon he is sitting on Luigi's chest keeping the big man down. 

Back and forth the pair go, each hoping that their power will prove the difference in the battle.  After Luigi executes a rear head lock, the two find themselves standing against one another, until the muscled man picks up his opponent and slams his down on his back.  Taking the initiative, he again mounts the green speedo clad Luigi and delivers a slap to his chest for good luck.  

Both wrestlers would do well to push their advantage, however.  Missing the opportunity to do so, Amino soon finds that Luigi once again wriggles free, has maneuvered his way on top of the pink speedo wearing hunk, who is now face down on the mat with his arms tied behind his back as his opponent increases the pressure. 

A new round is set to begin.  The action gets tense and personal as the two spend most of their time intertwined with one another, almost making it difficult to know where one wrestler begins and the other ends.  The sweat begins to flow more intensely and you can hear the exhaustion starting to set in with each succeeding round.  Young Amino takes several opportunities to slap at the ripped opponent's impressive abdomen, and Luigi returns the favor by stretching and bending Amino's arms in directions they are not meant to be stretched or bent.

There must be a winner however, and there is one grappler who is left lying face down, one ass cheek hanging out from a one of several wedgies. 

The two battle so fiercely that Amino's pink speedo is a shade of sweaty brown by the end from his being on the mat for so much of the bout. 

If you enjoy watching two athletes go at each tooth and nail for more than 20 minutes, neither giving an inch, absorbing everything thrown at them and managing to even give some back this bout will be for you. 

I don't know if this is a one-time encounter for Amino and Luigi, but I think you will agree that by the time you have finished this video you will sincerely hope that this is not the last we will see of these two newest WrestleFrat grapplers.  More please!


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