Superlad vs. Super Jayden

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Super Jayden is wondering who this other red caped crusader is beaming into his lair.  It’s none other than Superlad, and he’s heard that Super Jayden is one of the best in the galaxy and wants to find out for himself.  These super boys are both striking and well-developed.  Even without superpowers, they’d likely be able to hold their own in a brawl.  Starting with a test of strength, neither of our heroes can gain an advantage. 

Since their powers seem evenly matched, the super boys are going to have to go mano a mano with classic old school moves.  Superlad starts with a full nelson, but Super Jayden is going to unleash a body scissors and a claw that just might be kryptonite to the lad.  There must be a bottle of antidote hiding in those bulging trunks, because Superlad gets the reversal and renders Super Jayden momentarily helpless with a chinlock and  crossface, and gets the competing hero’s cape. 

Still, there’s a reason these boys are superheroes.  They don’t go down easy.  And Super Jayden gets his equally painful licks in, parading Superlad’s pain with a full nelson and crushing body scissors.  Superlad might just have a little more gas in the tank, though, because those super muscles bulge and flex and he gets free, and begins to show Super Jayden why he has conquered world after world and hero after hero.  Up, up, and away to the next challenge!

Run Time: 14 minutes, 23 seconds

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