Super Soldier vs. Nick Justice

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Nick Justice just does not seem to like or tolerate superheroes.  As this video begins, Super Patriot is in the ring, watching over his territory, protecting it against evil doers.  Suddenly, a mist invades the ring, and from below, the aforementioned Justic appears, with a skeleton hand, espousing his ability to deal with superheroes as only he can.  When Super Patriot inquires what the mist is, Nick tells his that it what he uses to deal with others, and as the fog envelops Super Patriot, Nick takes that moment to thrust his unseen hand into the crotch of our hero, forcing him to the canvas in pain.  While on all fours, Nick then take the opportunity to use the skeleton hand to rake the eyes of Super Patriot, causing him to fall even further.
Nick has plans for Super Patriot, and they don't involve remaining in his costume, something Nick says he despises.  And so Nick begins cutting and ripping Super Patriots costume off thread by thread, until Super Patriot is left in just a small red speedo.  Nick doesn't lessen the beating as he is ripping the costume off of Super Patriot however, a modified Camel Clutch, a brief sleeper, ab claws, blows to the midsection, and nipple twists (both on our hero and himself!) all keep Super Patriot off balance and in Nick's control. Nick tells our hero that he has a plan to transport him to his faraway lair for further punishment at the hands of his minions, something that it seems Super Patriot does quite comprehend in the midst of the punishment he is taking.
One more time the mist comes and completely envelops Super Patriot and before you know it, both he and Nick Justice are suddenly transported to Nick's lair.  Nick continues his monologue telling his unseen minion that they are going to end the very existence of Super Patriot, and showing Nick the skeletal remains of various animals that once called Nick's lair home.  Although Super Patriot does manage to fight back briefly, a well placed low blow once again turns the tide in Nick's favor and before long, Super Patriot is a bloody mess having suffered at the hand of Nick's sadistic tendencies. 
An unconscious Super Patriot is dealt one more final blow as Nick exclaims that "Your soul is mine!"  A brutal beating of a helpless hero by an unhinged villain awaits anyone daring to watch this video!
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  21 minutes, 15 seconds

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Muchael Thomas
Awesome video. Highly recommend

I think Meaty is one of my favorites. The villain is awesome. He slowly picks the Superhero apart. I won’t give details away. But extremely well done by both men. Some hot scenes that will
Well make it worth your time and $.


Any video where we can see Meaty's hot body take a beating is okay with me! What a fine specimen!

Big poppa
Next time…

Strip him naked!!

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