Super Soldier vs. Black Hornet

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We watch as our villain spikes our hero’s water just before he takes a sip. Discovered immediately afterwards, our evildoer pays for his trespassing onto the hero’s territory with a devastating bearhug and brutal kicks. Beatdown by the muscled hero, our villain knows he just has to last until the effects of what he put into his water kicks in.

As if on cue, suddenly our hero begins to feel dizzy. Unable to stand any longer, it is now our dastardly villain’s turn to dish out the punishment. Unable to mount a defense, our hero is at the mercy of our villain. Stretched beyond normal limits, our hero submits to multiple sleepers where he once again finds he is unable to mount any defense against our villain.

Stripped to the waist of his super-hero costume, a completely powerless hero is once more put to sleep before our villain decides he wants to play with his toy a little more. What he most enjoys is putting his plaything in successive sleepers and watching how the once powerful hero slowly fades away, his powers now useless to him. Our hero slips one final time into a world where he can only “dream” of defeating our sadistic villain.

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 29 minutes, 12 seconds

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