Super Soldier vs. Baron Badcock

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Most people think that heroes have the best life.  Super powers, the adoration of millions, people at their beck and call.  However, as we join Super Soldier, he is lamenting his current situation. 
All alone, smoking cigarettes, cold pizza for dinner and only a bottle of Jameson's to keep him company.  Just as he is reaching the bottom, a net falls out of no where and ensnares him.  Set up by Baron Badcock, Super Soldier's woes are just beginning.  Knocked unconscious with chloroform, now he is completely at the mercy of the evil villain.
Stripped to his "tightie whities" Baron begins an onslaught on the crotch and nipples of the unconscious hero.  Ball claws and nipple twists are the order of the day, as well as more chloroform to keep Super Soldier submissive.  Baron repeatedly grabs the balls of Super Soldier through his underwear, turning and cranking them to their utmost pain.  He also spares no effort in destroying the nipples of out hero, as Super Soldier moans in pain, when he is awake that is.....just as he gains consciousness to experience the pain, Baron puts him asleep once again so as to keep and defense non-existent.
Villains will often use items like chloroform to keep their arch enemies unconscious.  There is something very satisfying in watching a hero laid out, unconscious, their body exposed to whatever sadistic whim the villain has for it.  There is nothing Super Soldier can do to defend himself, just the way Baron Badcock wants it.  What began as a bad day for Super Soldier turned into a much worse one for our hero.  If you enjoy watching a hero be totally humiliated by their evil nemesis, all while they spend the majority of the time unconscious and unable to mount any defense, then this video is definitely for you!!
TOTAL RUN-TIME: 22 minutes, 48 seconds

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Great KO Video

If you are a sleeper fan, you won’t regret buying this video. The snoring scene of Cash at the end the video is extra hot.

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