Super Scrappy vs. Super Starr

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What do you get when two alpha males stand across each in a ring?  Nothing less than a battle for supremacy.  Super Scrappy, in his shiny blue speedo, claims the ring as his own, something that Super Starr may have something to say about.  As the two lock up, it looks as though this will be a traditional grappling bout, however, Super Starr has a surprise!  Without notice, Super Starr reaches down the front of his own speedo, and when his hand comes out, he is able to project an incredible amount of energy at his opponent, knocking him across the ring.
Doing this several time, Super Scrappy is knocked senseless each and every time Super Starr is able to reload.  Not that Starr's "photon bombs" are his only weapon, Starr makes good use of leg scissors, bearhugs and well placed feet to the throat of Scrappy.  Scrappy hasn't gotten to where he is without some tricks of his own though, and he turns the table by reaching into Starr's speedo himself and coming out with his own "photon bomb", which knocks Starr senseless.
Will Super Starr fall to his own "photon bombs"?  Or can he once again gain the upper hand and sling some more of those bombs back against Super Scrappy.  The action is fast and furious, the effects are incredible and you will be amazed at the two hardbodied hero hunks as they go at each tooth and nail for ultimate supremacy in the ring.  The outcome is no way certain for either combatant, and only some final bombs will decide the victor, but in the end, you will be the winner!!!
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  20 minutes, 18 seconds

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