Super Lad vs. Black Kobra

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Our hero is on the mat flexing by bending a steel pipe. Without warning, our villain appears behind a plume of blue smoke. Without warning, he begins to pound on the villain with powerful blows to the abdomen. Wanting the location of the hero’s lair, he intends to beat it out of his opponent if our hero does not it divulge it voluntarily.

Punch after devastating punch to the midsection of the hero leaves his abdomen red. Still unwilling to give the villain the information he wants, our hero is weak from the blows and chokes that our evildoer inflicts upon him. Although he is virtually out on his feet, the hero still refuses to give the villain what he wants.

A true class in how to deconstruct another person by focusing on one area, the abs of our hero withstand abuse the likes of which has rarely been seen. Blow after blow, punch after punch, the attack would certainly have broken a lesser man, but our hero, although battered and weakened, never gives in. A final back breaker still doesn’t do the trick and our hero falls into unconscious, knowing that he has kept his lair safe. His lair will survive, but will the hero?

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 19 minutes, 45 seconds

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