Super Destroyer 69 vs. American Muscle

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How do you defeat an enemy who literally drinks gasoline to refuel?  That is the question for American Muscle.  The even more unfortunate part?  It looks as though the "defeating him" part may already be off the table.  As we join the encounter, American Muscle is already unconscious, laying at the feel of Super Destroyer 69, who is a huge, chiseled specimen of a man clad in a tiny black speedo and mask.  He is finishing his drink of gasoline and pauses only to pose over his already vanquished foe.  As he does so, it is clear that he is not yet finished with punishing our hero, and so grabs him by a full hand of hair and tosses him through the curtains in a nearby ring, where he intends to not only punish some more, but end him once and for all.

The beatdown is fast and furious as it soon becomes clear that American Muscle is no condition to try and ward off Super Destroyer 69s's vicious assaults.  American Muscles is no small man, and yet Super Destroyer 69 treats him as only a sack of potatoes, throwing him around the ring, picking him up into devastating bearhugs, and otherwise delivering pain after pain to our helpless hero.  There is little to nothing that American Muscle is able to do in the way of warding off the attacks, as they come so quick and consistent that he is barely able to catch a breath, let alone mount any semblance of an offense.

In the end, it is a vise-like ab claw, and upside down reverse bearhug and then a piledriver that mercifully ends American Muscle's punishment.  Left standing in the ring, posing for all to see, is the triumphant Super Destroyer 69, another hero beaten, another foe vanquished.  It has yet to be seen whether or not American Muscle will once again see the light of day, or if the stinging defeat at the hands of Super Destroyer 69 will forever end his superhero career.  Only time, and healing, will tell.  If you enjoy seeing a big, hairy, muscular guy get totally destroyed by an equally muscular villain, you won't want to pass on this!

Total running time:  28 minutes, 30 seconds

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John Haynes haynes
Hot Destruction

Love all Bronco matches especially when he is totally dominant. His physique is flawless in this match and the speedo black he's wearing looks like it was custom made for him. Love the way he totally destroys his opponent from start to finish and love all the flexing and posing bronco does. Definitely worth the money.

Hottttt !!!!!!

Hot match!!!! I really like matches in singlets like these. Please more of it!! I also enjoyed the domination during the match.

Bring more muscle man and bodybuilder on the screen in low cut singlets. Long sweaty matches!!! Thank you.

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