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Josh versus Gabe Steele (Part 2)

At the end of Part 1, Gabe has finally managed to get the upper hand on the muscular rookie Josh, and stripped him of his speedo down to just a black thong.  As we begin Part 2, we join right where we left off, and Gabe is once more on top of Josh, choking Josh with his red speedo.  Soon, however, Josh manages to get his legs beneath him and starts with some offense against the veteran Gabe, but not for long, as Gabe has done this literally a million times and knows when, where and how to strike.  And this time, Gabe will not lose the upper hand. 

In this brief but action packed Part 2, watch as Gabe not only is able to pin the outclassed Josh, but does so in a manner where he not only counts to 3, but also spanks Josh for good measure.  Win or lose, Josh looks good doing it!

Total running time:  6 minutes, 49 seconds

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