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Donevan versus Raphael (Part 2)

In Part 1 of this bout, the advantage kept seesawing back and forth between Donevan and Raphael.  At the very end, Raphael had slapped on a sleeper hold and Donevan was slipping into unconsciousness.  Although Donevan does not go all the way out, he does remain mostly lifeless, giving Raphael the opportunity to strip him of his white speedo down to his very tiny blue thong.  

It is not long before Donevan is back on top however, and he returns the favor, stripping Raphael down to a teal thong (which for a while allows his balls to swing out for all to see!).  Now both in thongs, the final moments of the bout sees one grappler place his opponent in an over the back breaker and then dump him on his head.  

Some more kicks and blows while he is down, and the youngster is not able to get to his feet having conceded the match to the better man.  But which is it?  You'll have to watch to find out!  

Total running time:  7 minutes, 11 seconds

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