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Donevan versus Raphael (Part 1)

Clad in a snow white speedo, Donevan is posing for the camera.  Soon joined by Raphael, the pair spend a short time posing together until Raphael has decided he has had enough and gives Donevan a low blow, dropping him immediately to the mat.  From there, the duo exchange moments of dominance over the other, grunting and breathing heavily, foregoing all the trash talking that is often present in these.  Instead the two are solely focused on defeating the other, and just when one seems to get the upper hand and is on top of his opponent, they quickly find themselves on the receiving end of punishment.  As we fade to black on part 1 of this 2 part match, Raphael has just managed to slap on a sleeper hold on the young stud Donevan.  Can he keep it on and notch the win?  You'll have to watch Part 2 to find out!
Total running time:  15 minutes, 01 seconds

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