Steven Roman vs. Garrett Thomas (Headscissors)

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Garrett Thomas looks like a fighting merman in his glittering speedos, shiny boots and knee pads, and that trademark long hair bound up in a manbun. Fireplug fighter Steven Roman wears the blank expression of a hired assassin, as he crushes Garrett’s head between his swarthy, muscular thighs. Booted ankles are locked tight. Garrett ain’t goin’ nowhere.

Garrett kicks, flails, strains, groans, begs, and frees himself in a victorious turnaround. Who needs sleeping pills when you’ve got muscular thighs clamped hard around you? Roman’s blank expression turns to one of pain and pity, as he moans in that deep baritone voice while Garrett does sit ups. Slowly but surely, Garrett manages to roll Roman onto his face so he can do push ups, pushing the kid's face deeper into the floor in a totally humiliating way.  

Garrett works his obliques with a nice side bend, while the camera gets a good angle on Roman’s thong creeping ever deeper into his ass as his beefy legs kick and flail helplessly. Can the fireplug regain his dominance over Garrett, or has the Boss Hog done it again?

Run Time: 18 minutes, 22 seconds

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