Steven Roman vs. Elite Eliot (Sleepers)

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It’s hard to tell what you’re gonna get with Steven Roman on first sight. On the one hand, he kinda looks like a big kid with his messy raven hair and fireplug body. But as he steps forward, you become aware of the thick, powerful thighs, the hard biceps, and the manly musclegut coming toward you. When he speaks, the floor rumbles with his deep baritone. Elite Eliot might have his work cut out for him in this sleeper fight!

Roman instantly pushes Eliot into the floor. Eliot scrambles to his feel, charging the bull...only to be throw again. Now it’s clear what a man Roman is, as his flexed biceps cut into the kiddos neck with agonizing power. Eliot’s stubborn, refusing to tap.

“You wanna give up?” booms Roman.

“Nah...I’m gonna power out...or you’re gonna have to put my ass to sleep! You give up!” says Eliot, stupidly...before kicking and flailing helplessly in Roman’s superior grip. So starts an entire session of strangling, smothering, rough and brutal sleepers that will leave one man short a few brain cells when the day is done. Roman is a force to be reckoned with.

Run Time: 19 minutes, 54 seconds

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Sleeper extravaganza!

Sleepers are my second favorite wrestling hold, right after bearhugs. And there are sleepers a-plenty here! I loved watching Steven dominate Eliot so effortlessly, with both of them looking hot as hell the entire time. Steven dishes out one sexy sleeper after another to his helpless opponent, and even saves one for the ref at the end. Hot!!

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