Steve D vs. Tank

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Everyone knows the story of David vs. Goliath.  A small but determined individual is pitted against a behemoth of a man, many times larger than he is.  All around him believe that he has absolutely no chance of winning the contest, as he is dwarfed by not only physical size, but muscle mass, etc.  And yet the plucky David goes in, does what he has to do, and takes down the big man.  In many ways that is what we have here as two of W4H's newest additions, Steve D and Tank, go head to head.  
Steve is in the ring, anxiously waiting the arrival of Tank who is late for their bout.  After a short period, Tank comes lumbering in, unfazed by the fact that he is late, and unnerved by the fact that Steve has been waiting for him.  All Tank can talk about is the workout he just had and how big his muscles are.  Steve then goes at the big man, and he knows the first lesson of taking on an individual bigger than you....once he is on the mat, it is all even.
Steve uses the mat to his advantage, refusing to let the mountain of a man back onto his feet.  Leg scissors, Boston crabs, and other holds help to not only keep the big man on the mat, but weaken him while he is down there.  A lengthy piece of rope found near the end of the match helps to seal the deal as Steve ties the big man up in a final act of humiliation.  He warns Tank as he leaves him bound in the ring, "Next time, be prepared to wrestle, or you are never going to be any better."  If you have ever dreamt of seeing a small man totally dominate a big man, this match is for you!
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  20 minutes, 9 seconds

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