Steve D vs. Mark Muscle

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A viewer could not be blamed when they see the two combatants of this match, the new guy Steve D. versus the mountain of a man Mark Muscle, of thinking, "Oh no!  This will not go well for Steve D."  If you do think that, you would be right.  From the onset, the astronomical difference in size is such an obstacle that it will be virtually impossible to overcome.  Starting off with a test of strength, Mark moves from power move to power move placing the young Steve in bearhugs, racks, and then down on his knees in subservience.
A sleeper hold from outside the ropes leads to Steve D being offered to anyone to lay into his exposed abs.  From behind the camera comes multiple shots at his abs.  Gasping for air throughout the mat, Mark at one point discards his singlet to reveal a small black bikini before he starts on the punishment once.  He is clearly a man who enjoys his work, especially at the expense of his tattooed, nipple pierced young opponent.
Down on the mat, Steve soon finds that the pain is coming from numerous directions.  A ball claw from Mark is joined by a mysterious foot grating his face, while another foot puts a serious stomp on his considerable crotch.  With pain coming from all directions, Steve can do little to fend off the pain, and the beginning of the end has arrived.  One more devastating torture rack and a final sleeper hold and the young wrestler is left sleeping on the mat.  A pull of the patent leather speedo exposes Steve's delicious butt cheeks and Mark has finished his lesson.
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  20 minutes, 50 seconds

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Left wanting more

I think Steve is very cute, however as the recipient of a squash match, his selling leaves a lot to be desired. Whenever Steve receives a move, the most he lets out is a little grunt. He doesn't attempt to struggle and just lets whatever moves happens.

Steve has the look, he's just very green. I hope he learns and improves in the future.

Appreciate Mark for doing his his best to carry the video.

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