Steel Man vs. The Grease Gang

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Two of the villain's pawns toiled on a construction shift, advancing their evil boss's latest master plan. Suddenly, Steel Man, clad in his iconic blue and red bodysuit, appeared out of thin air to thwart their wicked deeds.

Despite Steel Man's heroic efforts, the Grease Gang crew quickly overwhelmed him with their numbers. They double-teamed the hero, punishing him with powerful strikes, choking him, and locking him into brutal wrestling holds, including multiple torture racks. In a humiliating turn, they stripped Steel Man out of his bodysuit and gave him an atomic wedgie, leaving him looking defeated.

Summoning his inner strength, Steel Man found a moment of offense. He unleashed his laser eyes, burning the flesh and powerful muscles of his foes. He briefly gained control, his superpowers providing a glimmer of hope.

However, the two-on-one assault and the duo's underhanded tactics proved too much. They stripped the hero of his red superhero boots and sat on his chest, flexing their lean, muscled bodies arrogantly. The once unbeatable good guy lay finished, as the duo laughed and smiled triumphantly over their fallen foe.

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 16 minutes, 50 seconds

*Note: Some of this match is out of focus or blurry

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Marc D
Steel man

The steel man's name is no other than Jayden Mayne. Unfortunately, we will never see another match as he has passed nearly five years ago.

Landon D

idk what Steel Man’s non-superhero name is, but i want more of him

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