Steel Man vs. Rip Ravage

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Steel Man is rummaging through some items looking for any sign of foul-play by an evildoer in his area when suddenly from behind Rip Ravage chloroforms our hero and suddenly the helpless hero falls to the ground unconscious!
Armed with a supply of Kryptonite and a vise-like grip, our villain uses his massive arms to headlock Steel Man, once again causing our hero to fade at the lack of oxygen.  Choked with Rip Ravage's python arms, with his own cape, and with anything else our villain can find, Steel Man struggles to remain in the waking world time and time again.
The powerful hands of Rip Ravage then form a vise around the head of Steel Man, and the pain is intense.  Straight out choking the hero, Rip Ravage relieves Steel Man of any connection to the waking world.  It would be one thing if our dastardly villain would let our hero remain unconscious, but instead he wakes him again and again to repeat the process.  After one such episode, Rip Ravage decides that it is time for the hero to be subject to one of the worst humiliations a hero can endure, stripped of their costume.  Steel Man eventually loses his costume and is left in just a blue glitter thong.
As the end for our hero nears, Steel Man once again is subject to the mountain of a villain's huge hands crushing his skull.  The pain becomes so intense that our hero loses consciousness once again.  Is there anything our hero can do to ward off the assaults from Rip Ravage?  It does not appear as though there is.  A final sign of our villain's superiority occurs when Rip Ravage shoves a stick of Kryptonite down our hero's thong.  A true beatdown of a hard muscled hero.
TOTAL RUN-TIME:24.95  20 minutes, 31 seconds

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