Steel Man vs. Prowler

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Steel Man is patrolling when Prowler comes up behind him and begins an assault.  It is short-lived however, and soon Steel Man has turned the tables on the villain and not only delivers a crushing blow to Prowler's balls but then dumps him in the pool.  There is just one problem, with every attack the Steel Man lashes out at Prowler, the villain seems to become more pleased and happier.  At once, the pool turns green and Steel Man realizes what has happened, the water that he has just thrown Prowler into has now become infused with Kryptonite.
It is long before Prowler gets out of the water and manages to throw Steel Man in, sapping his powers.  His costume begins to burn on him, and so Prowler begins the slow process of stripping it from him.  Unable to mount any defense, Steel Man becomes a victim of sleeper holds, full nelsons, wedgies, and anything else that our dastardly villain can think up in that demented mind of his.  Occasionally tossing our hero back into the green water, Steel Man's powers continue to drain.
Can anything help hero?  Or will the green liquid continue to drain all life from Steel Man, our villain cackling in delight as he sees his adversary slowly become more and more his personal plaything, free to do with him as he pleases.  Some well tightened bearhugs cause or hero to plead for mercy from Prowler, but none is given.  As our villain throws our hero into the pool one more time, the water has not become a foreboding red, is this at last the end of Steel Man?
TOTAL RUN-TIME: 25 minutes, 33 seconds

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Alex Starr
More Prowler!!!

I agree that the Prowler is awesome! And his sexy gear just adds to the enjoyment of this match. Superman is always a pleasure to watch as well! Fun match!

Prowler is an amazing villain

One of the best vid ever: Prowler playing cat and mouse with Steel Man ... exceptional!

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