Steel Man vs. Professor Z (Re-match)

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Steel Man (Zach Altovito) agrees to a “test of strength” wrestling match with the Professor Z (Ryan Zivens). If he can single-handedly save The City over and over again, he should have no trouble laying waste to some wannabe evil overlord, right? Steel Man is built like the proverbial brick sh-thouse, filling out the blue super suit in every direction. And he looks like he’s packing more than just muscle.

The Professor falls into the lean and mean category, but even evil looks sexy in a tight pair of neon green wrestling briefs. What Steel Man doesn’t know is that Z has managed to get a piece of kryptonite, the mineral from his home planet that renders him completely helpless on Earth. Planted nearby, it gives off enough energy to weaken Steel Man enough so that Professor Z can get him into a sleeper hold, and Steel Man goes down. 

Now he can have his evil way with the massive muscle stud, and to ensure Steel Man stays nice and submissive, he rubs the phallus shaped kryptonite all over Steel Man’s body, before placing it inside the super suit. The completely helpless hero is in for some submission training.

Professor Z puts him into a series of moves, including full nelsons, chin-locks, chokes, leg scissors and sleepers – all the while using the famous Steel Man cape to wipe away his sweat. In between submissions, he finds ways to torture, slam, punch, stomp, and manhandle Steel Man’s crotch, confirming for all that Steel Man is big everywhere. And with our hero face down, legs spread wide, the Professor finds a better place to jam that long piece of kryptonite, and Steel Man can only groan in pain and submission.

Soon, Professor Z strips off the super suit, leaving Steel Man in just some skimpy red trunks, and extra vulnerable to his sadistic manhandling.

Will evil win, or does Steel Man manage to rise up and regain his dignity? Tune in and find out. 

Total Run-time: 21 minutes, 15 seconds

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One of the hottest thing ever

Love a muscular superman being dominated and humiliated

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