Steel Man vs. Klutch

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Steel Man is tied in the corner as the video begins and he is soon joined  by the archvillian Klutch, who promises to sap every last bit of energy out of the captured hero!
Soon forced to endure mind control purple Kryptonite, Klutch then commands the hero to punish his own nipples and crotch.  With each decree, the pleasure that Klutch feels increases, until he can no longer just give the commands but needs to dish it out himself.
And so begins the intense punishment that our villain can give to our hero.   Torture racks, figure four leg locks, and head scissors serve to totally deplete Steel Man of any last remnants of a defense and Klutch implants one final command to destroy the hero league.  Relieving Steel Man of his super costume and cape, the hero turned slave is now in simply a blue speedo, ready to do his master's bidding.
One final indignation as our villain dons the once hero's costume himself and delivers the final blows to defeat Steel Man.  Put to sleep in the grasp of his new master, Steel Man is an unwitting recipient on one last symbolic yet important gesture....his is sprayed with some of the villain's kryptonite man juice.  Covered in purple, our hero has no idea he has been christened by Klutch.  A total story of domination of a big hero by a maniacal villain!
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  19 minutes, 35 seconds

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