Steel Man vs. Fan Boy

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In this video, we are granted a rare glimpse into the astonishing strength of the Hero Hunk known as Steel Man. The scene opens with Steel Man effortlessly lifting several hundred pounds on a barbell, executing clean and jerks as if the weights were as light as feathers. Astonishingly, he proceeds to demonstrate his immense power by effortlessly lifting the weights with just one arm. It is an extraordinary feat that leaves viewers in awe. Shortly after, a fan dressed in a pink speedo approaches Steel Man, expressing utter admiration for the hero. He offers to spot Steel Man during his lifts, but Steel Man dismisses the fan with a curt response, seeming more bothered than appreciative of the adulation.

As the fan suggests a wrestling match, Steel Man, utilizing his superhuman abilities, swiftly takes control of the situation, overpowering the young admirer. Superwedgies, joint manipulation, and headlocks ensue, causing the fan to moan in pain and struggle to catch his breath. Eventually, the overwhelmed fan pleads for a moment to rest and recover. Steel Man releases his holds, allowing the fan to offer him a bottle to replenish his energy. Unexpectedly, Steel Man finds himself unable to stand, his world spinning, as the fan's smile widens. Realizing he has been drugged, Steel Man collapses onto the mat, leaving Fanboy to enact his devious plan.

With methodical precision, Fanboy proceeds to dominate the hero, subjecting him to one hold after another, even utilizing Steel Man's own cape to choke him. He systematically strips Steel Man of his costume, starting with his upper chest and gradually exposing the hero until he is left wearing only a red speedo. Dropping Steel Man across his knee in a devastating backbreaker, the drugged hero struggles to remain conscious amidst the punishment. Move after punishing move is executed, leading to a final act of indignity as Fanboy tightly wraps his muscular arms around Steel Man's head, squeezing until the hero slowly fades away, slipping into unconsciousness. Steel Man could never have anticipated this shocking turn of events when he first encountered his adoring fan, and it's safe to assume that he will be far less trusting moving forward. This video depicts a gripping tale of betrayal and punishment as a heroic figure falls victim to a villainous fan.

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 23 minutes and 51 seconds

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