Steel Man vs. Dr. Maniacal (2023)

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The evil villain Dr. Maniacal is back, and his goal this time is nothing less than the complete subjugation of the city!  He states that "Nothing can stop me!"  Before long, our hero, Steel Man appears but it is not long before a small piece of the planet Steel Man came from is introduced - the only substance that totally incapacitates Steel Man.  As Dr. Maniacal holds the planet fragment up to Steel Man, the hero falls to the ground, weakened beyond words, writhing in pain.  All Dr. Maniacal do is laugh at how easy it was to gain the upper hand.
Placed down his tights, placed in his mouth, this glowing fragment causes Steel Man to only moan as his invulnerability leaves him.  Open to blows to his chest and choking from his own cape, Dr. Maniacal slowly unzips the back of Steel Man's costume, foreshadowing some grand humiliation to come later.  Stripped to the waist, the evil Dr. then begins a series of nipple twists and blows to Steel Man's back.  Relieved of his red boots, our villain then takes a moment to ticket our hero as he writhes in laughter on the ground.  Finally losing both his outer red speedo and blue costume, soon our hero is exposed to the world in just a small red thong.
With the planet fragment stuffed down the front of his thong, Steel Man suffers a devastating extended ball grab followed by a wedgie of his thong.  Using everything around him to his advantage, Dr. Maniacal soon introduces our hero's balls to an adjustable wrench, with dire results.  Finally tiring of playing with our hero, Dr. Maniacal then ties his wrists together and uses our hero's own cape to tie his ankles to his wrists in a reverse hogtie.  Left unconscious, our hero can no longer stand in the way of Dr. Maniacal's evil plans, who leaves to put his plan into action!
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  21 minutes, 37 seconds

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