Steel Man vs. Dr. Maniacal

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We join the action with Steel Man already tied up with Kryptonite rope, depleting his powers. His costume town and is body at the mercy of Dr. Maniacal. As bad as things look for our helpless hero, he quickly learns that things can get worse….much worse. A huge mountain of a man, when Dr. Maniacal puts his entire weight behind a full nelson or blows to the back, they have a devastating effect on Steel Man. Some nipple twists, pec claws and boots to the crotch have our hero screaming out in pain.

His costume in tatters, his resistance broken, his dignity all but gone, Steel Man is slowly stripped to just a blue thong. His cries of “No more!” go unanswered and just bring the punishment to new and more sadistic levels. Unable to mount any type of defense whatsoever, it is a master class in how a villain beats down and methodically reduces a hero to nothing.

The final humiliation occurs when a Kryptonite dildo is entered into the match. Will Steel Man fall victim to one more overly cruel act of receiving the Kryptonite dildo, effectively cancelling all of his powers? You’ll have to watch to find out!

Total Running Time: 21 minutes, 02 seconds

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