Steel Man vs. Comet Man

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What happens when Comet Man comes into contact with Kryptonite dust that has left Steel Man unconscious and laying in the corner?  The effects of the dust immediately turn him into one of the worst villains ever.  Starting by tearing Steel Man's symbol off his costume, what follows is the deconstruction of a superhero the likes of which Steel Man has never experienced before.  What Comet Man does to the larger hero is beyond belief, but I guarantee Steel Man will not soon forget it.

The first thing Comet Man does is strip Steel Man of his symbol, something that is more psychological than physical.  From there, Comet Man begins his physical assault, putting the bigger hero into a full nelson, followed by repeated blows to the chest and then a devastating ball claw.  A squash from the middle turnbuckle is next and then Comet Man begins the humiliation of starting to strip the big hero.  A head butt to the screaming hero's balls follows and the end is in sight for our helpless Steel Man!

Finally stripped to the waist, Steel Man's total upper half is now exposed as a target for the possessed Comet Man!  A barbell and steel chair are soon introduced as weapons to be used against the weakened hero, and in one final indignation, a side body slam is executed on the steel chair, followed by a long cobra clutch sleeper hold.  We see as the defenseless hero slowly slips away, his every ability to resist eluding him.  A total beatdown of a bigger hero by a smaller, but more determined and possessed villain!

TOTAL RUN-TIME:  20 minutes, 06 seconds

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