Steel Boy vs. Black Bandit

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Mr. Kent (Cali Boy) is looking sweet in his work-threads. Suit jacket and tie and a camera crew to boot as he investigates some strange happenings in Metropolis. From out of the shadows slinks a shadowy figure. Black Bandit (Braden Charron) injects the newspapers star reporter with a weakening serum that renders the buttoned-up hunk weak and worthless. Like a good camera crew should, they never stop filming, as Black Bandit drags the lifeless reporter to a place especially designed for punishment.

Dress clothes offer a super villain a litany of things to use against their wearer. Bandit chokes Kent with his own tie until his face turns red, rips him out of his suit jacket and chokes him with it. He raises him up by his neck and throws him, then mounts his struggling body to remove his leather belt, which he wraps around his fist to deliver double the punch.

The twisted Bandit smothers Kent with his armpit, stomps him, and strips him of the rest of his clothes. Imagine his surprise when he discovers Kent’s secret identity hidden beneath that dress shirt and pants. Playtime is over. The man of steel rises to show Black Bandit exactly who he’s been messing with. It’s a hot, latex fueled, muscle emphasizing pounding between two of the hottest dudes in the business.

Total Run-time: 18 minutes, 2 seconds

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