Solar Squire vs. Thunder Thug

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Thunder Thug has found what he is looking for...the Golden Skull!  Just as he grabs his prize, he is interrupted by our hero, Solar Squire.  Bad news for Solar.  Almost immediately, Thunder Thug delivers a blow to Solar's midsection, followed by the python like arms of our villain wrapping around his head.  As if that was not enough, Thunder Thug then delivers a low blow to Solar Squire, causing him to collapse to the ground.  Thunder Thug is determined to make Solar pay for attempting to thwart his crime.  Dragged up to his feet, Thunder Thug then puts the helpless hero on his shoulders, only to once more be unceremoniously dumped back onto the ground.
But Thunder Thug is not done!  His plans for the hero go further and are more devious.  He doesn't want to just teach Solar a lesson, he wants the lesson to involve pain so as to remain in Solar's mind and ensure that he won't attempt anything similar in the future.  An extended abclaw leads to a straight out choke and Thunder's boot placed firmly on Solar's impressive abs.  When our hero does attempt to get back to his feet, he is met with a kick to his midesection, which drops him one more time.  Seems there is little Solar can do to stop Thunder's onslaught.
More low blows lead to a backbreaker over Thunder's knee and finally to the ultimate humiliation for any hero.  Thunder removes the mask of Solar, exposing his secret identity to the world.  Thunder then begins his final onslaught with more ab and trap claws followed by a bearnug and then a wedgie that goes on for an extended period of time.  Once he feels as though he has had his fun, the only thing left is to put Solar out of his misery, and so we are witness to a straightout choke in which we see Solar slowly slip away, his eyes rolling to the back of his head, his attachment to the waking world going further and further away.  An incredible display of a dastardly villain totally owning a superhero.
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  20 minutes, 22 seconds

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