Slayer vs. Ricky Felix

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Facing each other in the ring, we have the wrestling prowess of Ricky Felix against the raw power of Slayer.  But, what if neither of those attributes helped you achieve a victory over your opponent?  It becomes apparent early on that this will be a battle of wedgies between the two, each grappler pulling and stretching their opponent's trunks up between the ass cheeks of the other, delivering a different type of pain (and embarrassment) to their opponent.  Unable to put each other into skilled holds or a power move to try and accomplish superiority, instead, the two find they are virtually paralyzed as their trunks ride high.
Although the wrestlers aren't happy to have their trunks grabbed and yanked and lifted, the scenes of exposed ass cheeks are a treat for the viewer.  Although Ricky is the first to attempt the trunk pull, Slayer employs the move to an even greater degree, until Ricky's trunks virtually disappear into his ass crack and become a virtual thong.  Ricky screams in pain as the pair of trunks wedge and apply discomfort to the point where he is virtually paralyzed.  Once he is able to escape Slayer's clutches, the process of trunk correction begins.
Eventually, Slayer has had enough and screams, "This isn't wrestling!  I'm done with this!" and storms out of the ring.  Slayer has yet to learn that underground wrestling takes many forms and is fought in many different ways, not always in the most straightforward and conventional way.  That is what makes it so enjoyable.  Although I am sure he would have preferred to be able to use his power and weight advantage in this battle against Ricky, one has to be able to adapt and adjust to whatever the bout presents you.  It is a lesson he would do well to learn if intends to continue in the underground wrestling world.
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  19 minutes, 42 seconds

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