Sky Atlas vs. Hardcastle

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Sky Atlas lives by one motto and one motto only, "Truth, Justice and the Super-Hero way!".  As he proclaims this, from out of camera comes Hardcastle, who despises what he has just heard and tells Sky Atlas that being a villain is the only right way to live.  Not one to back down in the face of villainy, the two immediately go at, with Hardcastle picking Sky Atlas up by the neck in a chokehold, before depositing him back on the ground, where he can go to work on the toned body of the super-hero stud.  Before long, Sky Atlas is feeling Hardcastle's power!
Humiliating our hero by standing on the back of his head and grinding his opponent's face into the ground, Hardcastle begins to verbally taunt Sky Atlas, confident that he can take care of whatever our hero has to throw at him.  Relentless punishment ensure that Sky Atlas cannot mount any type of offense, and Harcastle continues the humilation when he strips Sky Atlas of his costume, revealing our hero in just a small yellow thong.  Now truly without any hope, all Sky Atlas can only do is hope to survive whatever the mad villain Hardcastle has in store for him.
Boots to the back, devastating displays of pulling and stretching our hero in ways bodies were not meant to be pulled or stretched, and more choke holds all serve to keep our hero dazed, confounded and totally unable to prevent whatever comes next.  When Hardcastle decides he has had enough time with his plaything, he leaves him in the middle of the city, laying there near unconsciousness, as he continues verbally trashing him from off screen.  If you enjoy seeing a hero totally owned by an evil villain, this Hard Heroes entrant will be right up your alley!!!
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  20 minutes, 20 seconds

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