Six Man Mayhem

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What starts out as a classic cockfight between two hairy hardbodies in the form of equally matched man’s man Damien Rush and former hipster Zach Reno soon blossoms into a completely uneven match as the massive Mountain lunges into the ring, adding his impressive heft against Reno, who doesn't know what the hell hit him. 

Furious Flash LaCash bursts onto the scene, throwing himself into the fray and stripping poor, bewildered Reno of his singlet. Fearless prince Alex Oliver tosses his lily white self into the fray to save Reno, attacking the Mountain, until he is pressed chest-to-chest with Reno in the center of a triple bearhug that sees the victims practically melted together like a grilled cheese sandwich. 

Chet Chastain must be out of his mind to join this battle, bounding into the ring and giving us the even number we need for each brutal basher to have a bitch of his own to beat, batter, and blow away. It’s a six man match of madness and masochistic manhandling!

Total Run-time: 30 minutes

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