Silver Stallion vs. Red Scum & Crimson Beast

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As we join the action, Crimson Beast is dead.  There is no two ways around it, he is dead.  Mourning the loss of his partner and friend, Red Scum declares that he will avenge his friend, and as the camera widens, we see the culprit behind the Beast's death, our hero Silver Stallion, has already been captured and tied up.  Red Scum screams that he will make Silver Stallion pay for what he has done, and so begins to attack the helpless hero.  Pec claws give way to blows in Stallion's midsection, while he is unable to defend against them!
Red Scum has a master plan though!  Within his possession is a serum that can bring Crimson Beast back to life!  Silver Stallion begs the villain not to do so, but he is unmoved and soon, like a phoenix rising from the ashes, Crimson Beast is alive once again and wants nothing more than to attack the man who killed him in the first place.  Still subdued, Silver Stallion is open to the Beast's attacks, and he receives them in spades.  When both of villains attack Silver Stallion and place him on the stretcher that previous held the lifeless Beast, the defeat of Silver Stallion is close at hand.
When offered a chance to turn evil and work alongside the pair of Red Scum and Crimson Beast, Silver Stallion balks and soon he is choked by a large rope around his neck.  Injected with a large dose of estrogen, the days of Silver Stallion being able to fight off super villains are now behind him.  Double teamed once again, all the fight within Stallion is gone, and Red Scum and Crimson Beast give him one more shot to permanently deprive him of his powers and ensure their victory.  A true deconstruction of a hero by two sadistic villains!
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  27 minutes, 53 seconds

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