Silver Serpent vs. Wonder Man

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To look at Silver Serpent (Chace LaChance) with his powerful body, it’s hard to imagine how he managed to get imprisoned. Luckily, the handsome Wonder Man (Gabe Steele) has come from TheMANscira in his classic red boots, blue star speedo, and gold circlet to serve up a heaping helping of justice!

Wonder Man presses his bodacious butt firmly into Silver Serpent’s silver-clad ass, riding out a Boston crab like a boss. Silver Serpent responds with fists of fury, and a firm compression on the hero’s torso. Chest-to-chest, they rage and whale on each other. Wonder Man proudly lifts the villain onto his shoulders, spinning him around like the blades of his invisible helicopter.

With a glittering red boot placed firmly in the villain’s neck, Wonder Man is victorious against villainy. What’s left but the lasso? Only this is no lasso of truth. This is a sexy bondage bull rope session between a hero and a villain!

Total Run-time: 22 minutes, 20 seconds

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