Sid Shaw vs. Nero

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Sid Shaw and Nero were made to face each other.  Both about the same size, with a very developed and powerful upper body.  Both have, in their wrestling lives, done whatever was necessary to win, even if it happened to fall outside what one would consider the norm of a wrestling match.  Here, across the mat from each other, they will test each other as they have never been tested before, and only one of them will be declared the victor.  It is a matchup that W4H fans may not have known they wanted, but they definitely need!
The first sign that this will be unlike any other match for this pair is shown in the fact that the opening moments go down with no trash talking whatsoever.  They get right to their work.  Lots of close up holds and arms wrapped around necks, legs wrapped around midsections and sleeper holds galore.  In mat wrestling, it is about immobilizing your opponent so they have no option but to either tap or go to sleep.  I can say for certain, neither of these individuals want to be put to sleep.  At one point, Sid grabs Nero's ear almost ripping it off, followed by one of his fingers down Nero's throat in an effort to get Nero to release his hold.
With one wrestler up 2 falls to 1, a fourth fall, while quick, is just as decisive and brutal as the rest of the match has been.  If you have seen either of these folks in any of their previous matches, you know that neither will take very kindly to being defeated.  Their pride demands that they always come out on top, and I am not sure either knows how to react to a loss.  Now knotted up at 2 falls apiece, they each decide that the only way to settle it is for them to meet again down the road to find out exactly who is the better wrestler.  Look for Shaw vs. Nero II!
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  21 minutes, 47 seconds

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