Sid Shaw vs. John Wolfboy

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John Wolfboy knows his way around a mat.  He has shown in matches against some of W4H's very best that he can not only go toe to toe with them, but also come out on top, in fact, downright humiliate them.  Then we have Sid Shaw.  Sid Shaw has proven to be somewhat of an anomaly in W4H, not fitting into any predetermined category.  A man who is only out for himself, he defies description and will literally do whatever he has to gain an advantage over his opponent.  When these two finish stretching and get down to going against each other, you can be damn sure it will be entertaining.
The one thing this pair do have in common is that they both like to trash talk, and they do it a fair amount of time.  However, as the match progresses and the wrestling becomes more fierce, each decides he has little time for talking and needs to focus all their energy on their opponent.  The combatants bodies get pulled and twisted in various ways, leg scissors are applied that virtually crush a man's ribcage, and headlocks are so tight that you will see one wrestler's face turn beet red from the vice-like grip.
When each wrestler is able to notch one submission from their opponent, it comes down to one final fall.  But who will come out on top?  And what will they have to do to notch that final fall?  We know that both Sid and John are prone to play loose with wrestling conventions and do whatever is necessary.  A well timed low blow is the beginning of the end for one wrestler, and seals the victory for another.  Two very strong performances in a tour de force on a W4H mat. 
You'll be sorry if you miss out on this's a keeper!
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  21 minutes, 09 seconds

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