Sid Shaw vs. Calvin Rogers & Zach Reno

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When two ring veterans like Zach Reno and Calvin Rogers see the new guy, "Sid somebody" across the way, to say they were less than impressed, well, that may just be an understatement.  I am uncertain though if they are less impressed with Sid or more impressed with themselves however.  The pair go over to introduce themselves to Sid, and if I am honest, try and intimidate a little, but their efforts fall flat.  Sid is not easily scared, and he does not back down, even in the face of this duo.  It seems, according to Zach and Calvin, they may need to teach the newbie a lesson.
Calvin begins by blindsiding Sid with a blow to the top of the back and Sid falls to the mat.  The pair descend on Sid and begin a beatdown focusing on his back, abdomen and legs.  There appears to be one problem though, as they continue to twist and turn Sid's ankle, wrenching them further and further, Sid starts asking for more.  He appears to be drawing energy from this and begs them to do their worst.  When the pair finally each grab a leg, Sid pushes them both away with his leg and starts attacking each, raking their backs with his fingernails.
But that's not all, a modified camel clutch, Boston crab on the duo bends both of their backs in ways backs are not meant to bent.  Sid revels in delivering worse and worse punishment, earning is nickname of "Sadistic Sid".  A double bearhug and then piling both bodies on top of each other keep the pair off the game, and then in one final indignation, a double choke leads to a single chair across both throats and Reno and Rogers and down for the count.  I don't think they will take a 2 on 1 advantage for granted anymore, certainly not if the 1 is Sid Shaw. 
W4H beware, Sid is not your run of the mill wrestler!
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  23 minutes, 08 seconds

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