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Cal Hansen versus Mario

We start with the camera panning up the body of Mario.  To be totally honest, if that was the entire video, the price would be worth it.  Mario has a physique which is unequalled.  Chiselled yet toned, muscular, yet very athletic as well.  And he fills out his speedo very nicely!  Cal Hansen, however, is not impressed and he starts posing and flexing in front of Mario, which Mario does not take kindly to and then suddenly a slap is made and all bets are off.  Cal pins Mario against the wall, his hand on his throat, letting him know exactly what is about to go down and what the rules are.
Cal continues the choking, now using two hands and lifting Mario off the ground in an extended suspended choke,  This leads to a reverse bearhug where Mario is deprived of even more air.  When Cal does release the hold, it is only so that Mario can fall to the ground and can be placed in a camel clutch,  I am pretty sure that at this point, Mario is unaware of exactly what he has gotten himself into.  Because Cal pretty much has his way with Mario, moving from dumping his nearly lifeless body onto the furniture, to several bearhugs and a couple feet firmly placed in Mario's crotch for good measure.
This is the first time we have seen Mario, and I am afraid to say, it may very well be the last.  He is unable to offer any resistance to Cal's continuous assaults, and only manages to wince and whine in pain as he experiences them.  Cal works over Mario in any way he feels like, and it is only when Cal decides to apply a (merciful?) leg scissor that Mario then drifts off toe slumberland and the beatdown finally comes to an end.  None too soon for Mario, however, I doubt he could have physicall taken too much more.  A not so stellar debut for Mario at the hands of the sadistic Cal.
Total running time:  22 minutes, 55 seconds

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