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Meaty versus John Bronco

Sometimes two guys just gotta go at each other.  That's the case here when the monster of a man Bronco meets up with an equally impressive human specimen Meaty.  Chest to chest they begin, trying out puff the other.  When things finally get entangled, the pair moves from bearhugs, to leg scissors, to full nelsons, with some nipple twists thrown in for good measure.  It is apparent neither is going to prevail in the early stages, as each reverses and places their opponent in equally impressive moves.  All the while a certain respect is building between the pair, and when a final full nelson gets turned around, an extended double nipple twist, each placed on the other grappler, takes place as the two moan in pain but refuse to submit or release their hold.  

Finally, a semi spear helps to at least bring the bout to a close as the two end up once again standing puffed out chest to puffed out chest, feeling their opponents pecs and arms in grudging admiration.  A final hug lets the fans know that the two, although maybe destined to meet again, will do so with newfound respect for one another.

Total running time:  10 minutes, 41 seconds

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