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Jason Aleqsander versus Nathan FX

Put two very toned, swimmers build twinks in a ring together, both full of themselves and what do you have?  You have the makings of a great match!  It is clear that both Nathan FX and Jason Aleqsander have spent time working out.  They are not overly muscular, but very defined and clearly take care of their bodies.  And both can trash talk as well. 

When it looks like the two might just get along, Nathan tells Jason that he actually has to earn his friendship.  Jason doesn't know what to say, so Nathan grabs a stepstool from outside the ring and sits down telling him he will wait.  When Nathan turns around to see what may be behind him, Jason blindsides him with a dropkick followed by a headlock. 

The battle is abrupt and although Jason comes out of the gate quickly, he makes one fatal mistake, he didn't get rid of the chair in the ring and soon Nathan has used it to turn the tables on Aleqsander.  More back and forth between the two (including Jason also making good use of the chair) as the pair trade moves for moves.  One final sleeper hold in the corner of the ring followed by another use of the stepstool to help pin one of the twinks and we have our winner, the loser left with a red chest from the blows he has taken and a severely bruised ego.

Total running time:  20 minutes, 52 seconds

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