Sergei vs. Jaxton Wheeler (Bro Battle)

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Sergei is just relaxing in his white speedo, taking pictures and video of himself as he poses (I wonder who the lucky recipient of those are!).  In comes Jaxton who does not put up any pretense, just simply tells Sergei that he has come to put him in his place.
Jaxton does appear to have the advantage, if only due to his vast experience in the ring.  Sergei may hold the height advantage, but Jaxton knows the ins and outs of the Bro Battle matches, and he is one hell of a physical specimen, solid and thick from head to toe, a true muscled stud.
Before long the score is 3-0 squarely in Jaxton's favor.  Sergei has tapped out to arm bars, head locks and various other moves and is soon begging Jaxton to "take it easy bro."  Jaxton has no such plans.  A further humiliation?  After each fall, Jaxton makes Sergei go to the tally board and tally Jaxton's wins.  Arm bars give way to bear hugs give way to sleepers, and after each loss Sergei crawls in failure to increase Jaxton's score on the tally board.  Will Sergei manage to pullout even a single fall?
I think I can safely say that this is the most lopsided match in the history of Bro Battle.  If I were to tell you the Sergei would be so dominated, I am not sure anyone would believe me! Yet he spends a fair amount of time begging to be let go and submitting falls.  If you are a fan of seeing a big man totally manhandled and humiliated, this match is for you.  I won't tell you the final tally, which is fine, because Sergei never gets to see the final tally either, as he is put to sleep one final time before Jaxton decides he has had his fun for the day and leaves him unconscious on the mat.
TOTAL RUN-TIMEL: 29 minutes, 55 seconds

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barefoot fan
Love the barefeet

Nice barefeet a five star here.

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