Sergei vs. Cash (Bro Battle)

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We open the match on a pair of tree trunks....oh...wait...those are just Sergei's thighs!
Sergei is soon joined by Cash, who is unimpressed by Sergei's physique.  Trash talking leads to an arm wrestling contest to begin the match.  With no definitive winner, the pair flex one another and then a test of strength leads to one wrestler finally in control of the other with an early sleeper hold.  Feeling it is too early for such a final hold, they release and work on the nipples with some twists that cause the recipient to scream in pain.
Both of these fighters are very well toned and frankly built for this type of match, where it is all about just keeping your opponent under you through sheer strength and leverage.  Things change frequently and without notice, so don't get too used to the person in control keeping it for an extended period of time.  Eventually the match breaks down to just straight out chokes and then into a pair of devastating bearhugs that crush the ribs of one wrestler, denying them the ability to get air into their lungs.
This is a great match between two wrestlers battling for supremacy.  Both vying to be the alpha male, the contest goes back and forth.  Sergei definitely holds the height advantage, but Cash is much more experienced as a W4H member, and knows every move, countermove and dirty move there is in the business.  Will it be enough for him to get the win over the tall muscular Sergei?  You'll have to watch to find out, I promise you you won't be sorry you did.  
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  25 minutes, 9 seconds

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John Douglas

Cash is so hot---body, moves, attitude, voice---that finding worthy combatants must be tough. But you did it. Sergei equally handsome, built, aggressive.
I'm beggin' ya: get Cash into a genuine butt-floss thong (not those almost-a-poser things with some coverage from waist to crack: you sometimes call those thongs, but no, dammit! We want a thin belt and a bit of floss. Cash's bunz are SO spectacular. Tell him to man up with pride.

Strength contest

Really liked this match. Sergei is super strong and manhandles poor Cash. Sergei has great thighs and peaked biceps, complete domination

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