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Johnny Moon versus Johnny

Sometimes wrestling is all about dominance.  Sometimes it is about attraction.  Sometimes it is both.  In this video, Johnny Moon takes Johnny's phone to see what he had been doing while he had been working. 

When Moon finds something involving another person named Jake on Johnny's phone, he is somewhat jealous and begins perusing through the phone for some more hints.  Johnny doesn't like this and the pair begin an almost dance, where they alternate between putting real pressure and pain on each other, and then quickly switch to the erotic element of wrestling.....rubbing their crotches on their opponent, probing the neck and armpits of their opponent, and doing everything they can to try and arouse their opponent. 

Make no mistake, there is still some unresolved issues between the two when Moon finally puts Johnny down for the count with a sleeper hold, but somehow I think this be better resolved in the bedroom then on the living room carpet.  If you enjoy two twinks going at it with just a hint of hot sauce, this video should be just for you!

Total running time:  18 minutes, 54 seconds

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