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Santos versus Slayer (Part 2)


What do you get when two muscular guys don't like each other's attitude?  Naturally, they feel they will need to resolve their differences by taking each other on.  Slayer and Santos decide to go at it, strip down to thongs, and then begin the process of testing each other's limits and weaknesses, hoping to score a decisive victory over their opponent.  Test of strength are the order of the day, and tie ups turn into fireman carries (followed by pressing the other while still on his shoulders), and front to back bearhugs, each serving to wear down the other combatant.
There is always time for flexing for the camera though, and both individuals take their turns showing off their impressive physiques.  When the realization that an actual pose off is not weakening their opponent, the duo quickly go back at one another with claws to the abdomen, slaps to the chest, and a knee to the head.  A couple low blows are thrown as well in an attempt to keep one's opponent down and away from being able to slap on another of their deadly bearhugs.  None of it is successful however and the battle continues, each searching for any advantage!
When all else has failed, a foreign object is always welcome to try and juice the odds in one's favor, and it happens here as well.  However, it does not have the intended result that one would hope and instead of putting their opponent down it only serves to upset him more.  Just when the two seem exhausted, one takes the opportunity to pin the other and the match is finally decided.  Two big men going at it tooth and nail, throwing everything but the kitchen sink at each other.  I doubt this hotel room has ever seen such action in it's lifetime!

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