Jungle Man vs. Von Strokes

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What happens when you are in a wrestling ring preparing from a match and out of nowhere you opponent attacks you from behind, injecting you with a liquid that paralyzes and weakens you?  This is the scenario our hero faces as no sooner than he begins his stretching he finds he is the plaything of our evil villain, who seems to grow more powerful (and demented) with every minute that passes.  Clad only in a loincloth, our hero is subjected to all manner of punishment, with special attention paid to his pec, abs and balls.  Screaming in pain does little to reduce the pain.
The devastating villain manages to pull almost everything out of his arsenal.  Fingers to the eyes, stretching the cheeks of our hero while he screams in agony.  The pleas for mercy from our hero go unheeded, indeed, seem to only serve to egg the villain on.  Every second that passes sees our hero fall further and further under our villain's control, as his energy drains from him slowly, but steadily, a result of the deadly onslaught.  It appears as though nothing will satisfy our villain in his devilish pursuit.
However, the end does mercifully come for our hero, although I am not sure how much respite he will actually enjoy.  Tied to the ropes in the corner, all connections to consciousness seem to be leaving our hero as his eyes roll towards to the back of his head and his breathing becomes laborious.  Will our villain come back to finally finish our hero off?  Or will he leave him for the next person to come along and find him in a precarious position?  Either way, you will be the beneficiaries of a truly devastating manhandling of a hot jungle stud!!!  They don't get much better than this!
Total running time:  20 minutes, 11 seconds

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